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Picture by Nicole Matte, Amber Martinez

Greetings, my guy
bashful lesbians
! We see you and that I



Typically, i will be the loudest, craziest, and the majority of entertaining person…until I see a woman I’ve found to get very appealing. I quickly totally lose my personal individuality. (Autocorrect just changed that to characters. *Roasted.*)

What exactly really does a timid girl carry out at
You intend to get together as much because hot, confident swag lesbians, nevertheless worry there’s no necessity any ~game~. As though it is not intimidating adequate to grab a female at your neighborhood homosexual bar, so now you need certainly to collect a woman in COUNTLESS BIKINI CLAD LESBIANS. But concern not, my personal timid girl, let me become your Dinah nature tips guide. I vow you have game if you’d merely sooth the f*ck down, woman.

1. believe that folks are great

When you’re deep inside shy-ness, you can persuade your self that no one wants to talk to you, or that everyone is much cooler than you. But i could really HOPE you that there surely is absolutely nothing much more supporting, acknowledging, and turnt upwards as
queer girl energy
. Everyone is there getting fun and meet folks. Generally everyone is indeed there to hook up. By taking the dive of a straightforward «hey» to a team of queer ladies, chances are high they will be like «hhhaaaayyyy!!!» and increase. Unique pals.


brand new potential hookups.

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2. Trust that people tend to be inebriated

You know when you are intoxicated in a general public restroom and also you and a haphazard girl shower each other with inebriated comments and unconditional love? Image that but on steroid drugs at Dinah. Plus all of us are homosexual AF in addition to that. Indeed, this is the happiest put on planet.

3. you’re literally already half naked

Whenever you end up being half-naked in a-sea of lesbians, you can easily hit on a female! If that doesn’t provide some sexual confidence, I’m not sure exactly what will. You’re currently halfway there. Inform her you ~like~ her bikini. I


inside you.

4. most people are right here to-do essentially the same task

The best advice We have actually ever received was from an old publisher as I had been trying to get tasks — «they desire that become proper fit for the work. It eliminates their unique issue equally as much as your own website.» Now WTF really does that have to carry out with getting intoxicated in the center of the wasteland trying to attach with all the woman during the white monokini and platform wedges? It means that we’re all-just naughty lesbians here getting our very own correct horny selves without having the dumb male gaze. This means that she most likely believes you are sweet also.*

*But if she does not, after that respect that and walk TF out. You shouldn’t be persistent or scary. I’m sure you’ll not, but simply in case.

5. purchase their a glass or two

Here is the earliest technique within the book for grounds, but it is underutilized because of the shy babes of lesbo-land. End stressing your self out planning on the most wonderful, unusually particular beginning range, and merely state «Hey,
am I able to buy you a drink
?» This might be just scary and annoying if you’re a weird frat guy at a club, and you’re not: you’re a hot lesbian at Dinah f*cking Shore. Get their a damn drink.

6. Be honest regarding your loss nervous home

What works for me personally 10/10 occasions, when I’ve made initial move whilst still being feel slightly freaked-out, is a few good conventional honesty. «You’re very hot, you will be making myself timid,» is truthful, flattering, and gorgeous.

7. however



You can get this one range, you listen to me personally? Do not just on how nervous you may be. Or you should not say everything I say while I’m anxious «We have no social abilities.» That can make the woman vagina dry up.

8. whether or not it’s an excessive amount of, create plans to link-up at another celebration

Which means you’ve risen to the girl, said hey, ordered her a glass or two, cutely admitted you are anxious, however you’re however feeling debilitatingly timid and require a rest? No worries, girl. Think about «My friends and that I might be at x Party tonight, possibly we could link up?» Then you can high-tail it of truth be told there and chug a margarita and strong breathe into a paper case or whatever weird anxiousness routine you may have.

9. speak to her friends

Some people’s buddies would like them receive laid. Very chat her friends up! It is also wii turn to just speak to one lady whenever she’s demonstrably with an organization. End up being personal and nice!

10. end up being yourself

I understand, I understand, this can be lame, but it’s genuine. Really the only time you’re going to go off entirely odd or uncomfortable happens when you’re attempting too challenging be someone you are perhaps not. If you should be slightly shy, no worries, that produces you exclusively you! Only relate to this trusty number, and you’ll be making call at no time at all, nervous vibes and all.